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Ep69: Dani & Des (Female BodyBuilding)

June 4th, 2019

We are Thick & Tight! No not Fiddy & Izzy but Dani & Des. These women graced us with not only their presence but an immense amount of information in bodybuilding. While Dani "the unicorn" always the athletic person stepped her game up, sculpting her body to compete in 3 major bodybuilding competitions as Des made a life altering decision in bettering her health and leading her to strongly consider competing one day. Besties, Dani & Des have been spotting each other for years and now they spot you. They have created an all female bodybuilding "meet up", bringing their social media interactions to real life in hopes to develop friendships, support one another, and most importantly have fun. This event will take place in Long Beach, CA Saturday June 22, 2019. For more info contact Dani/ Dez on the DM, info below!




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